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Renata Hearing Aid Zinc Air Battery ( ZA 312 )

20.00 EGP
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Brand: Renata
Rechargeable: NO
Compatible with: Hearing Aids
Battery Model Number: ZA312
Battery Capacity: 0.5 - 1 amp_hours
External Product ID Type: UPC-A
External Product ID: 785618603118
Item EAN: 2724960141686

Varta Recharge Accu Power 200 mAh 9V

670.00 EGP
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  • Capacity 9V 200 mAh
  • Rechargeable without memory effect
  • ‘Ready to use’ technology
  • Very low self-discharge: 75 % remaining capacity after 12 months*
  • Pre-charged for immediate usage straight from the pack
  • Compatible with all chargers and devices

Camelion Alkaline Battery A27 12V (LR27A)

45.00 EGP
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Main Features ●   Stable energy for small electronic devices ●   0% Mecury ●   Individual Blister Packaging Major Applications Remote Control,Doorbell

Energizer® Alkaline Power Battery AAA Pack Of 2

75.00 EGP
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  • Brand: Energizer
  • The Energizer brand expertise at an affordable price
  • They give lasting power for your basic energy needs
  • Energize  Alkaline Power have a great resistance to leakage *
*vs. Carbon Zinc batteries

MP Charger Battery MP-704

170.00 EGP
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  • Brand: MP
  • Model: MP704
  •  Input: 220V 50HZ
  •  Output: DC 1.4V 120mA DC 9V 30mA

Vinnic Alkaline Battery LR60 L621F

15.00 EGP
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Type: Coin Cell

Button Amp Hours: 0.3 Ah

Voltage: 1.55 V

Quantity: 1 Coin

Button Cell Sub-Type: AG1 LR621 364

Battery Size: LR621

Chemical Composition: Zinc-Carbon Country

Region of Manufacture: China

for Watches, Medical Devices, Calculators, and More

MP Charger Battery AAA & AA & 9V MP-908

225.00 EGP
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  • Brand: MP
  • 2 LEDs Input Indicator Light Red color
  • Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz Output: 2.4V DC 400mA
  • 9V DC 20mA
  • AA 200mAx2 AA 200mAx4 AAA 150 mAx2 AAA 150 mAx4


  • Don’t charge 1.5V alkaline or carbon battery. otherwise will leak or cause explosion • Don’t mix charge different specifications or
  • capacities batteries Indoor use only

Note It is used with rechargeable batteries only, one battery cannot be charged, at least two batteries must be placed next to each other on the right or left side of the charger and not in the middle.

Vinnic Battery L936F / AG9

17.00 EGP
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0% Mercury Primary Button Cell
Alkaline Manganese Button Cell
Low Internal Resistance
Long Service Life
Top Performance

Vinnic Battery L926F / AG7

17.00 EGP
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Unit count1 count
Voltage1.5 Volts

Vinnic Battery L721F / AG11

17.00 EGP
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Battery cell compositionAlkaline
Unit count1 count
Voltage1.5 Volts
Item weight1 Grams
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